Topic: Direct Banking settings for the new First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tech CU and Addison Avenue CU (both catering to high tech companies) merged earlier this year to create First Tech Federal CU. They integrated their banking systems this past weekend. They apparently gave their new Direct Banking information to Quicken as there was an upgrade that was supposed to allow Quicken to continue to work after the integration. But for those of us not using Quicken, I was able to successfully connect to FTFCU's Direct Banking and download checking account data using the following settings:

    Org: First Tech Federal Credit Union
    Fid: 3169
    Supports online statements
    Supports investments
    Supports bill payment

    I set my software (KMyMoney) to identify itself as Quicken Windows 2008.
    I also specified Header Version 102.

There is a problem, however, in that the newly downloaded transactions did not match any of my transactions from before the integration. I assume this means the transaction IDs (<FITID>) given by the new system differ from those given by the old system. Unfortunately, I can't compare manually downloaded OFX/QFX from before and after as it was not offered before, just QIF.

I can think of a couple ways to deal with this. 1) I can manually download QFX files covering the period from just after my last download (just before the integration) until the present and import them, until such time as the date of the earliest transaction automatically downloaded via Direct Banking is after my last pre-integration download, i.e., until there are no overlapping non-matching transactions. This would probably have to go on for a month or longer. 2) I can keep the new transactions and delete the old ones. For accounts I download often, #2 is probably less work, otherwise #1. Any other ideas?

I'm not entirely sure how KMyMoney matches transactions, probably just using <FITID>'s, but just for grins, I tried changing the <BANKID> in the manually downloaded QFX to the old routing number to see if that caused them to match. It didn't. So how is it possible for an update to Quicken to cause newly-downloaded transactions to match old ones if the new transaction IDs don't match?