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I am in need of help!!!!!!

The project I am entrusted with is having something to do with OFX compliants. This is the first time I heard of this term, I went through the site. Now I understand what is OFX, BUT still I am unable how to start.

Currently the client have a OFX compliant server to expose their financial data to OFX complient client applications like Quicken, Turbo tax etc.

This OFX compliant server is created in C/C++, which uses few other external libraries (Visual Parser and Rogue Wave) and this entire server application is hosted in an UNIX environment.
I have a mandate to recreate this server application in windows environment by using .Net framework.
Currently there is no documentation of the existing application and we are Reverse engineering the code manually and trying to find the functionality. What we guess by looking at the code till date is that the 3rd party library Visual parser is used to handle the XML documents and for what rogue wave library is used in still not clear, but have a feeling that it has few very basic type of data structures, I hope rogue wave is not used for any mathematical/ staticstical/ financial algorithems.

The application render Banking/ Brokerage  and Tax related data from the internal systems.
I am not sure from where to start as far as the OFX is concerned.
Can anyone tell me how to create such an OFX compliant server application, in a step by step approach, OR what are the things I need to know and do in general to create an OFX compliant application?

I am desperately in need of help. Thank in advance.


Mrinmoy Das

Re: How to create OFX Application/Server

How much time has been estimated for this project?  It will take many months or years to develop and test a new OFX server.

Sadly what you are asking is out of the scope of this forum.  I wish you the best but your question is too big to answer.

Re: How to create OFX Application/Server

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for replying. I can understand that I posted a very openended question.
I had gussed it should take some 8-9 man months. But to convence the management I need some definite data points.

Anyway it will very helpful for me if anyone can suggest me what are the items I need to learn in terms of OFX specification in order to execute this project. Any URL to some knowledge base on OFX topics, that you think will be helpful?

I have gone through the and the various sections like the developer section, but it just says about the specification and nothing about how to start, like how to allow client application to connect to the server etc.

Thanks and regards
Mrinmoy Das

Re: How to create OFX Application/Server

Have a look at E-Banking Integrator components offered by /n software:

You can easily use those to build your own application.