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OFX support works great! Thanks!

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As user scui2 indicated, the URL needs to be updated to … fxdownload

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This combination is what it finally took for me
URL: … fxdownload
(URL shortened artifically in BLOG - here's the pieces you'll have to put together)

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I have been trying to connect to Amex with KMyMoney, and keep getting a 2000 error

Client application or version is not supported by this server.

[ref: 20110831194351.491]

I have tried Quicken every year, 102 and 103.  Speaking with their tech support is useless, since they claim they don't have a license to use OFX.  (I'm serious, that's part of what they told me today.  The rest is that they only support Quicken and QuickBooks.)

Any thoughts other than changing banks?

UPDATE:  I was able to access successfully using  a different URL: … fxdownload

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I'm having trouble.  I went through the AqBanking Setup.
I have User:
Bank Code=0,
User Id=what I use on the Amex web site,
Customer ID=what I use on the Amex web site,
User Name=my name,

On the Accounts tab I have:
Bank Code=00000000000
Bank Name=American Express
Account Number=my Amex card #
Account Name=GnuCash account name for Amex
Owner Name=my name, as on my Amex card
Module aqofxconnect

When I edit the online account, it shows:
Account Info
Account Number: my Amex card #
Account Name: GnuCash account name
IBAN: blank
Owner Name: My name, as on my Amex card
Currency: US Dollar (USD) (keeps reverting to Euro (EUR))
Account Type: Credit Card Account

Bank Info:
Country: United States of America (US)
Bank Code: 0000000000
Bank Name American Express

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Does anyone have an idea what the link is for international Amex cards?
I think they use the same site? …
But that exact link - as that one does not work?