Topic: University Federal Credit Union

OFX Direct Connect has been disabled for security reasons.  See: … /index.php

Specifically, this section:

System Upgrade

On May 8, 2009, UFCU performed a major System Upgrade that may have disrupted your usual routine when downloading transactions. If you previously downloaded transactions directly using your personal finance manager, you will now need to start downloading transactions from UFCU's Online Banking website using the procedure above.

This change was made based on recommendations from Intuit and Microsoft, as well as UFCU's commitment to keep your financial data secure. In the past, when downloading transactions directly, your personal finance manager would bypass MFA, the second layer of password protection otherwise required for all Online Banking logins. Allowing your personal finance manager to bypass MFA created some risk to the safety of your data.

Re: University Federal Credit Union

I am unable to connect to university of Utah credit union. Any suggestion?