Topic: Getting Started

Hey there!

I am currently working on a money management application, and found OFX. Though I haven't found a lot of information concerning the actual use of OFX. I am wonering what is involved in getting started and being able to contact FI's servers. I saw a post regarding the illegal use of the quickbooks idenifier, though this seems common sense; what would be the proper use? How do you go about getting a legit identifier? Can you, and do you need to for each bank?

Anyone out there willing to point a newbie excited about OFX in the right direction?

Re: Getting Started

Hi Patrick,

I'm also a developer working on an OFX app.  I think I was the one who posted the question about valid APPID's.  I still have not found an answer, aside from the person who replied to my post.  However, there are lots of apps out there that use OFX Direct Connect, and I doubt they have their own app id registered with each bank.  GnuCash is one example.  So they are probably just using the quicken app id is my guess.

Have you found out anything more about this?