Topic: Profiling an OFX Server

Here is a sample OFX query to profile a server.  $now, $org and $id must be replaced with a proper date, ORG and FID value.  You can use this query to test a connection to an OFX server.  It returns the supported feature set of that financial institution.



Re: Profiling an OFX Server

Do all servers 'have' to support this request?
I am getting a HTTP 500 error in response to this request from my bank (PNC).

I was getting 400 errors until I fixed a few things and then I started getting 500.
I suspect I got put in "time-out" for making too many bad request but want to verify that profile request are a required message-set.

The ofxhome info for PNC indicates that the OFX fail is 0 and the last attempt was on Dec-25-2011 (I presume a 0 for fail means it works?)

I tried using the Chase Credit Card OFX server and I received a good response.

Re: Profiling an OFX Server

No, not all servers are required to support this.  Some servers are very finicky about profiling queries.  You may wish to try intuit's tool which I mentioned here:

I have seen that some servers will respond to a profile query with this tool and nothing else.  I haven't been able to figure out why that is, unfortunately.


Re: Profiling an OFX Server

When I try to request account information for all of my accounts after a successful logon, I get the same HTTP response as a plain logon and there is no account information included. It is like the SIGNUP server doesn't even receive my request. Am I missing something? Please review my OFX request below:

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