Topic: AT&T Universal Card - Citibank

Does not work.

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>ForteCGI Request Failure</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><CENTER><Img Src="/forte/icons/request.gif" Alt="Request Failure"></CENTER><BR>The Fort&eacute service you requested is busy or not available.</BODY></HTML>

Went to OFX page and it says:
Failed! Last validated on March 6th, 2013

Re: AT&T Universal Card - Citibank

Solved...Need to use OFX for Citi Credit Card

FI Id 24909
FI Org Citigroup
FI Url …

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I had similar breakage for my citicard, but with the new URL I am receiving the following messsage.

<MESSAGE>We've had a problem processing your request.  It may take 24 to 36 hours for the problem to be resolved.  Please try again at that time.

Re: AT&T Universal Card - Citibank

I have also had the problem reported by ryanshea+ofx for some time. I've reported it as a separate issue (linked to the provider record) as so: … pid=108246