Topic: Struggling to Correct OFX Connection Details

I'm new here, but hope I'm in the right area.....

I have been using some Python scripts (which I'd be happy to provide if that is appropriate) for some time to download account details, anonymize the account #'s, and email myself daily with account status including balance and last 5 transactions.  My bank is Redstone Federal Credit Union.

A couple of weeks ago, Redstone "upgraded" it's web systems.  They broke a ton of stuff, including my Python scripts.  Best I can tell, the OFX server URL I had been using and that is in the OFXHome DB ( is no longer valid.  And, no surprise, every support person I talk to is completely oblivious to what I'm asking for or simply says they aren't giving any info like that out.

The other work-arounds I've tried (e.g. Quicken Online, etc.) either don't do daily emails, or only send emails based on certain conditions, or only do them weekly, etc.  I haven't found a replacement for my simple, anonymized, clear-text email each day that lets me know where I stand.

My obvious question is: any idea how to get the updated URL?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing here where I can.


Re: Struggling to Correct OFX Connection Details

Here's one idea.  Does Quicken still work with your brokerage?  If so you should try downloading the Wireshark program.  It is a packet sniffing network utility that analyzes the traffic entering and leaving your computer.  It can't look "inside" your OFX packets because they are encrypted.  But you should be able to find out the correct URL from Quicken's traffic since that is initially sent in plaintext.

Re: Struggling to Correct OFX Connection Details


Good idea, but I had already tried that using an older version of Quicken.  Turns out, from the wireshark info anyway, that what the desktop s/w is doing is connecting back to Quicken's servers which are then connecting to my bank.

BUT, I was able to get a line on the new link but I'm not sure it's right yet.  Still working.

Re: Struggling to Correct OFX Connection Details

Found this at http://microsoftmoneyoffline.wordpress. … -settings/
which might help


Re: Struggling to Correct OFX Connection Details

The following is one particular idea. May Hasten however talk with your broker? If you are you should try downloading it the particular Wireshark plan. This is a bundle sniffing multilevel power that examines the particular traffic coming into and causing your computer. This cannot search "inside" your OFX packets since they're encrypted. Nevertheless, you will be able to discover the right URL through Quicken's traffic because that is certainly initially sent in plaintext.

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