Topic: Capital One - can't connect


I have a capital one business account, the login URL is:

where I choose "Banking."

Once logged in, I'm at:

I believe I should be using this one:
w w w

According to tech support, but I cannot get it working, despite using the same username/password.

In ofxdirect connect user setup:

1. I have username and userid as my login id.
2. Do I need anything for client UID?  I tried generating a uid from a generator.
3. For bank settings, I have:

Capital One Bank (after 12-15-13)
FID: 1001
ORG: Capital One
and url:

For app settings, I choose quicken windows 2013.  And force SSL3.

When I try to retrieve accounts, it says:

00:50:12 Status for signon request: General error (Code 2000, severity "ERROR")
Error other than those specified by the remaining error codes. (Note: Servers should provide a more specific error whenever possible. Error code 2000 should be reserved for cases in which a more specific code is not available.)
00:50:12 Status for account info request: Signon invalid (Code 15500, severity "ERROR")
The user cannot signon because he or she entered an invalid user ID or password.

Some other times, it only gives me a 2000 before I changed some settings around.

Regardless, I can't login, no matter what.

I was told by tech support my account does support quickbooks direct connect, so I know this should work.  What do I need to do differently?

Thank you

Re: Capital One - can't connect

It might be that the account is set up so you need to change the password the first time you use it.  (The formal error for that is 15000, but it seems 15500 is often what actually shows up.)  I belive quicken allows changing the password, so quickbooks might also have that ability.  Unfortunately I don't know any other software that can do that.