Topic: Etrade

Anyone had success connecting to Etrade?  I realize that they have a RESTful API, but my app uses OFX for every other institution, so would rather not write special code for Etrade.  The fid and org on ofxhome don't seem to be sensible (fldProv_mProvBankId and fldProv_mId).  I found fid of 9989 and org of "ETRADE BANK" on  But am not having success with those.  Etrade is the first institution that I'm connecting to that uses version 102, so I may have the ofx syntax wrong, but wanted to verify the fid, org and url and just check to see if anyone else has the secret sauce.

Re: Etrade

I'm connecting okay with;

ORG: mdnc
FID: 1
OFX version 102

(This is for