Topic: Banks supporting read-only access?

My bank offers OFX access but it requires my account password which gives any software that uses it full power to conduct transactions with my money.  I am looking to open a new account at a bank that offers OFX supporting limited, read-only credentials.  So far I've found that Capital One offers this with their "Personal Finance Access Code" ( … y=FINANCE1).

Are there any other banks that offer it?

Re: Banks supporting read-only access?

I can recommend using Capital One 360. Their rates are fairly competitive. We'll see what happens if/when interest rates go up.

After I finish some much needed maintenance on this site I've been considering developing an app that would act as an intermediary between banks and banking software. This way you would be fully in charge of your data and credentials. Financial software would only be able to access a safe read only version of your data using separate login data. It's likely many months away but I can get in touch with you once I'm ready for some initial testing if you're interested.

Re: Banks supporting read-only access?

Thanks.  I tried opening an account at Capital One 360 but their website has a bug which prevents me from logging into my new account.  After 60 minutes on hold with telephone support I gave up.

I think your app is a great idea!  Please let me know when it's ready for testing.