Topic: New problem with Merrill Lynch

I've been using KMyMoney and libofx to download my Merril Lynch data for years - both checking and investment accounts.  Today, every account gives me an ofx 400 error.  I see no errors or alerts logging into their web site.  There are some other threads here about 400 errors (ofx errors, not http errors) but no real resolution for any of them, and many seem related to trying to upload data.  Is anyone else have problems or success with ML?

Also, looking at the ML page in the directory, the URL is and the email is  I suppose Enterprise Engineering, Inc could well be providing ML with their OFX server software, but I would still expect that information to point to ML web sites and email.  Is this intentional, or perphaps related to some automation involved in validating the connections?

Re: New problem with Merrill Lynch

Go figure.  I changed the appid from Quicken 2016 to MS-Money 2007, and it works.  It makes no sense to me, but it seems reasonably par for the course.