Topic: Weird Error 400 - Bad Request Issue

Hi all,

First off I'd like to say I am normally pretty good about figuring out issues that I have through forums etc and this is actually my first time ever posting to a forum from not being able to solve a problem.

So, with my current setup I have 3 bank accounts: 2 going to Bank of America and 1 going to Wells Fargo.

I built out a php script to handle any number of bank accounts and it will just run whenever I hit refresh with the supplied data from a database and then update accordingly.

From my localhost I can run the script, it will generate the OFX requests, parse the response and all 3 bank accounts update exactly how I would expect.

But when I run the script from my server where my application is being hosted, running the exact same requests that I do from my localhost. The first BofA account and the Wells Fargo account work correctly.. But the 2nd BofA account throws an error 400 bad request =\

Honestly I have run out of ideas for what the issue could possibly be and I'm hoping someone here has an idea. Or at least a suggestion for what else I could try.