Topic: Trying to get my credit union into the database

I'd like to start using Gnucash to manage some stuff, but I need to get my credit union into the OFX database before i can get my account to sync.  I see the link to 'add institution' but I need some help on what the terms there mean so I can get the information from my credit union.

The form asks for the following

Insitution Name -- simple enough, right?
FI Id -- What's this?
FI Org -- What's this?
FI URL -- URL to their website or their OFX server?  Something else?
FI Broker Id -- What's this?
FI Bank Id -- What's this?

Re: Trying to get my credit union into the database

Gnucash has to add your CU to their OFX server. That said, if you tell me the name of your CU, I can probably give you the info above.

Re: Trying to get my credit union into the database

If you're still not quite sure how these customer-owned financial institutions work, read an overview of credit union services and structure.

Step 1: Membership. To join a credit union, you have to be a part of that credit union's field of membership. ...
Step 2: Initial Deposit. ...
Step 3: Start Using the Account.

Getting a credit union loan. Some credit unions will need you to start saving with them before you can apply for a loan. Some credit unions use credit reference agencies as part of their vetting process. So if you apply for this type of loan, it may show up as a credit search footprint on your credit report.

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