Topic: Tangerine aqbanking returning 403 (Forbidden)

I can't download transactions from Tangerine in gnucash anymore. The online banking connection window ends with
Receiving response...
HTTP-Status: 403 (Forbidden)
Unlocking customer "1"
so it appears it's the bank that's denying the request.

I haven't used this in a few months, so the only clue I have for when this started is the OFX log, where the last success was in May. I can log into the bank website.

I updated to gnucash 5.3 (aqbanking 6.5.4) - no joy.

Anybody found a solution for this?

Re: Tangerine aqbanking returning 403 (Forbidden)

PS I called the bank, but they weren't aware of any changes (that's just their phone support)
I also tried changing DNS to a public address - no luck.