Topic: Looking for a new owner for OFX Home

Hello Dear Users,

I am looking for someone to take over ownership of OFX Home. I am happy to see that it still has value to many people despite the inadequate work I put into it. I hope that the site can thrive under a new owner.

I am not looking for monetary compensation. In fact I will stipulate that this site should never receive any revenue or earn money of any kind.

The handoff process will look like this:
1) Email me through the forum with a critique of the site. What would you improve over the next month and over the next year?
2) What are your developer credentials?
3) I will choose a potential new owner, ideally within the next two months (end of October).
4) I will grant the new owner development access for one month.
5) If the improvement identified in #1 is completed within one month then I will grant full access to the site.
6) If the site is well managed over the next 6 months then I will transfer the domain ownership completely. The site will be yours.

A few things to know:
- OFX Home is written in php using the code igniter framework.
- I would give the overall code quality a B-. It’s simple and very stable but not particularly elegant and lacks thorough testing.
- The site can run on a typical shared hosting platform. Requirements are minimal.

Feel free to ask additional questions or clarifications through email. I’m happy to discuss further.


Re: Looking for a new owner for OFX Home

I had a few nice discussions with potential owners but nothing worked out. Thanks to anyone who contacted me about this.

I expect to have some more time to develop this site in the coming weeks. Look for new and interesting changes.

My first goal is to finish a new ofx downloading tool that I've been working on.